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Lose weight and Keep it off for Good with our new 12-week On Line Momenta Coaching Programme

Lots of people think that staying a healthy weight is easy! Its NOT and they are wrong! More and more of us are becoming overweight all over the world – with massive consequences for our long term health.

That is why we have teamed up with Momenta, a group of highly experienced experts in the fields of nutrition, dietetics, psychology and physical activity, to deliver a really effective on line group coaching programme to help people lose weight, get fitter and improve their long term health. 

There are many fad diets on the market and although they may work in the short term for some people, they are not sustainable. This is usually because they don’t deal with the psychology and behavioural change that underpins losing weight and creating a new way of being that can maintain it. 

The team at Momenta have spent years researching why it is so difficult to lose weight and keep it off and understand that losing weight and keeping it off does not have to mean giving up certain foods, being hungry or having to do endless amounts of exercise. It does, however, require the commitment to learn a particular set of skills and behaviours and incorporating them into your everyday life over time.

If you are currently above a healthy weight (BMI 25)* and 2021 is the year you want to make real, long-term changes to your weight, our 12-week on-line Momenta group programme will support you do just that. It provides the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to change lifestyle behaviours in a sustainable way. 

For more information about the Momenta Programme starting on 13th January 2021 continue reading below, 

or email: helena@vitalityhealth-fitness.co.uk Call: 07880732699

Our Momenta Programme – Your Questions Answered:


Momenta Tools for Weight Management

The Momenta Wheel distils the complex science of successful weight loss into four key areas, underpinned by weight management skills. It provides a simple and compelling aid to learning.

Together with Momenta’s 12 Behaviours, it sets out a road map for change. Each behaviour fits within one of the three Key Elements for Weight Loss:

  • Nutrition– working towards a healthy, balanced diet for life
  • Physical Activity – finding ways to fit activity you enjoy into your  lifestyle
  • Mind – creating a mindset that moves you away from sabotaging behaviours to resourceful ones

Each behaviour is defined in such a way that small, achievable targets can be set by the individual. This means you create your own weight-loss journey in a way that works for you. Working towards small changes prevents you from getting overwhelmed. Goals and targets focus on what you can do rather than on what you can’t have, because denial doesn’t really work for anyone!

What would it really mean for you to lose weight and keep it off for good?
  • More energy for the things you enjoy doing?
  • Be the role model you want to be for your family?
  • Reduce your risk of long term chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes?
  • Feel amazing about your clothes and the way you look?
  • Freedom from guilt about certain foods and how you eat?
Why is Momenta different?
  • A proven system of weight management based on the latest scientific evidence
  • Developed by experts in the fields of nutrition, physical activity and psychology
  • Supports sustainable behaviour-change
  • Designed to help you set realistic lifestyle goals which lead to long-term results that fad diets cannot achieve. It offers freedom from the cycle of yo-yo dieting!
  • A 12-week on-line course delivered over 12 fun, interactive and informative sessions by experienced and supportive coaches
  • Comprehensive printed tools and resources will be posted out to you before you start the course so you will have all the materials you need to refer to. These will also enable you to continue to learn and progress beyond the 12 weeks
  • Optional monthly webinars to help keep you on  track following programme completion


Evidence and results

Momenta programmes have helped over 30,000 people in the UK to improve their health by losing weight safely and effectively.

When does the Momenta Course Start?


  • Getting Started– Wednesday 13th January 6:00 pm.1hour 30 minute session introducing the key Momenta skills and tools setting you up to get the most from the programme
  • The subsequent 11 sessions run every Wednesday from 6:30pm – 7:45pm starting 20th January and ending 31st March 2021 
What if I can’t attend the odd session?

The Getting Started session on 13th January is mandatory for all. Subsequent sessions will be recorded and shared with participants. We encourage you to join them all because each of the 12 sessions is an important step in your weight-loss journey. The group coaching format is most powerful when everyone shows up and shares their wisdom and experiences.

Who is running the course?
  • Helena Shirley– Momenta Coach and Personal Trainer; Nutritional Advisor;  Yoga Teacher
  • Helen Krag– Momenta Coach; Trainer and Coach in Business & Leadership; NLP Master Practitioner; Behavioural Change Specialist
How much does it cost?
  • There are only 12 places available for the course starting in January. Book now to reserve your place
  • The 12 week programme costs £350 which includes all materials. Early Bird price £299 until 4th January 2021
What will I get?

The knowledge and tools to create a more healthy way of living and exercising that works for your lifestyle. The package includes:

  • On-line group tuition – 12 sessions with experienced Momenta Coaches
  • Support from the group, including access to a private Momenta Facebook Group
  • Comprehensive colour printed resources, including a 250-page Momenta Workbook, a Lifestyle Logbook, a pocket sized food label reader and a Getting Started Guide
  • Interim activities to complete between sessions to support your progress (yes, there will be some homework!)
What can I expect from the sessions?

You will be sent a Zoom code each week and you will join up to 11 participants online in the sessions. Everyone will be starting from a different point, and each will have a wealth of experience and tips to share. Expect to learn as much, if not more, from your fellow group members as you do from the coaches!

We totally understand that losing weight, and the issues that make it difficult, can be a sensitive area for some. We create a safe, confidential environment and ask that everyone on the course signs up to a group learning agreement, which we will create together, to help you get the most from each session.

Sessions are varied and fun, consisting of a mix of group reflection, small group discussion and exercises. The Momenta Wheel and the Momenta Behaviours provide a road map for change and enable you to set goals that you will work towards between sessions. The programme is flexible enough for you to create your own journey and set goals at a level that works for you. There are also tools to help you problem-solve and overcome challenges you may encounter along the way.

A key part of the programme is for you to educate yourself around the truths and myths that surround weight-loss. We will share information on the three key topics of nutrition, physical activity and psychology. These topics are more are covered in more depth in your workbook and you will be expected to complete activities during the week between sessions.

Is there an option to do this course on a 1:2:1 basis?

We appreciate that some people prefer personalised one to one support. We therefore offer:

  • 1:1 Momenta Coaching in-person or on-line £600 
  • 1:1 Momenta Coaching with Personal Training £680 (12 Sessions)
some reasons this programme may NOT be for you:
  • You are looking for a magical quick fix 
  • You want to be given diet sheets and told exactly what foods to eat and what not to eat
  • You want to continue the ‘yo-yo diet’ cycle in 2021 🙂


What our clients are saying about Momenta



“I enjoyed the Momenta course because compared to other weight management courses I have attended it was unintimidating, non-judgmental and non-competitive. I felt totally at ease and comfortable in the course environment.”

“I loved the fact that I could set targets each week; the whole thing felt progressive and tailor-made to my lifestyle. Over time the sum of all those changes made me feel better inside and out and lose weight! Thanks Momenta!”

“The main benefits of ending the Momenta course were not only losing weight, but also learning how to make informed choices about what to eat and when to eat. I now have more energy and am exercising more regularly.”


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