Why People Train with Us:

We train all sorts of people who probably would never normally go to a gym. They are either intimated by the concept, cannot commit to a regular exercise programme and are often are very pushed for time. They have busy lives and therefore if they have an hour or two for exercise every week, they want it to be effective! We spend a lot of time with clients, understanding what it is they want to achieve, setting some realistic goals and then planning a fitness programme and healthy eating plan which they can incorporate into their busy schedules and make some positive lifestyle changes.

Clients range from all ages and have a variety of different needs ranging from weight-loss, improved nutrition, greater flexibility, improved muscle tone and strength and better cardiovasucular endurance. Some clients need help and support in training for a specific event, others want to learn a new skills and for many they simply wish to maintain a healthy balanced level of health and fitness.

Whatever our client’s goals, we provide a non indimidating yet motivating environment with encouragment from well trained professionals. Ultimately they need to know that we are there supporting them every step of the way through their fitness journey which can sometimes be hard both physically and mentally.

helena shirley

I’m Helena, founder and director of Vitality Health and Fitness, which I launched in January 2014.

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annie dorward

I’m Annie and I started working with Helena in May 2015 when we ran our first Wellness Retreat in Spain.

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We aim to share information that we have learnt from our training as health and fitness professionals, from nutritionists and other health professionals, from scientific research and from our own personal experiences so you can incorporate some healthy living choices into your lifestyle.

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