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Vitality Health & Fitness is committed to providing the highest quality service in a nurturing environment. We use functional training equipment and modern evidence based fitness practice.

our mission

It is our mission at Vitality Health & Fitness to give you a unique fitness experience and wellness advice that will ensure you enjoy exercise and build it into your lifestyle.

meeting your needs

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your strength and stamina, work on your stability and flexibility or simply look and feel better, we will help you to achieve your goals.


Want to get fit, stay fit, but hate the gym? Be taught by fun, female trainers in a friendly environment? Then you have come to the right place!

personal training

Its all about you! We are passionate and committed to helping you achieving your goals. Every session will be well planned, fun and varied.


We run this circuit based group program outside at 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whatever your fitness goal, we will help you to challenge your best-self.

power yoga

This high energy style yoga moves with a quicker rhythm and therefore can be a great option for weight loss. It also enhances flexibility, posture and mental focus.


Sports Yoga incorporates whole-body flexibility, functional movement and core training for people who regularly participate in sport. It aims to improve joint mechanics and reduce the risk of injury, aid faster recovery and increase muscular efficiency.

sports massage

Hot stone sports massage works deep into the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue, flushing away the toxins and is a relaxing treatment.

wellness retreats and CYCLING CAMPS IN SPAIN

 If you deserve some YOU TIME and want to get into  shape and feel fantastic,  come and join us on one of our Wellness Retreats  or Cycle Camps in the mountains near Valencia, Spain. Click here for 2021 dates


Improve your nutrition, make some positive changes to your lifestyle, exercise more effectively, make more informed choices in the future and create a positive and balanced mind set.


Based in typical white-washed Spanish village in the mountains these unique weekends provide an ideal location for a wide variety of exercise in the cooler months of May and September. Good nutritious food, educational talks on a variety of health and wellbeing topics, beautiful scenery, and a clean, peaceful and relaxing environment, provide clients with a true wellness experience.

vitality videos

Are you too busy to get to the gym?
Can you manage a 10 minute workout daily?
Want to get fit at home with little or no equipment?
Would you like to keep fit on holiday?

Our blog

We aim to share information that we have learnt from our training as health and fitness professionals, from nutritionists and other health professionals, from scientific research and from our own personal experiences so you can incorporate some healthy living choices into your lifestyle.

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We would love to hear from you and help you achieve your health and Fitness Goals. Send us your name, email address and any message and we will get back to your shortly.

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